Our Virtual EUO System
 Same benefits and protections as our in-person EUOs.
You'll Achieve Claims Success In 21 Days Or Less.
We Take Care Of Everything...
  • Claims File:  We'll guide you to get us the information and documents we need. 
  • Contact Witness: We'll communicate professionally and put the insured(s) and/or witnesses at ease.
  •  Coordinate : We'll coordinate the date, time and location with the insured(s), witnesses, and other necessary party. 
For An All-Inclusive Flat Fee...
  • Elite Examiner :  The EUO is conducted virtually by our in-house EUO Specialists. 
  • You'll Attend :  You can watch, monitor and collaborate from the comfort of your desk and get all answers.
  • Post EUO : After it is conducted, you'll receive a detailed report and DVD. We'll also have a call to address all issues.
You'll Get Certainty...
  • Claims Certainty : You'll confirm you are making the right claims decision. 
  • Locked Testimony : We'll comprehensively obtain all answers to all your questions and lock in testimony.
  • Documentation :  We'll also obtain all necessary documentation so you can document your decision.  
Wondering if one of your claims merits a Virtual EUO?
Easily get started by clicking the button below or call 1.800.386.0703.
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