Why We Created National EUO
Expedite claims by getting the information, documentation and answers you need. 
Our Back Story 
“How did we get here?”

I’d been involved in the insurance legal industry for almost a decade as an insurance defense counsel, coverage counsel and bad faith consultant. 

I'd witness that despite the company trying to do the right thing, some claims got stuck. 

Unfortunately, by the time a claim came across my desk it was already in 
litigation (or worse facing bad faith allegations). 

I grew tired of getting called when it was already too late 
(and had no option but to play defense).

So I set out to protect companies before it was too late.

Being involved in thousands of claims, I realized the true reasons why claims get stuck.

And, discovered it usually comes down to three things…

I share in my interview above.

So I created National EUO to protect companies and help claims 
professionals get the information, documentation and answers needed to 
always make the right claims decision.

Will our solution to claims that get stuck be widely accepted? 

I wasn’t sure…But I wasn’t deterred.

My mission was to help companies “do the right thing” and “protect them” in the process. 

I set out to re-educate the industry because of the EUO’s bad rap 
created by those that came before us.

Today, I’m happy to report we’re approaching our 10 year anniversary.

And, our system has helped thousands of claims succeed, all across the country.

…Auto, trucking, cargo, jewelry, aviation, equine you name it, we’ve done it.

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