We Help Insurance Companies Get The Information And Documentation Needed. 
We'll conduct for you or train you so you can make the right claims decision.
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No matter the size or location of the loss, we have an option that fits your budget, yet provides the same benefits.

All of our EUO services are conducted on a flat fee and offered nationwide.
Whether you are a company who conducts statements in-house or one who outsources, you must ensure they are handled properly.

We have numerous training options which can be taken in-person or virtually. 
Traditional web-conferencing platforms available today are complicated, clunky and very costly.

Now you too can use Telawport™ to easily conduct (or Monitor) any statement.
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have additional questions, please call us at 1.800.386.0703.
Are You Conducting EUOs During Coronavirus?
YES! Our ability to conduct EUOs continues as usual, in spite of all the travel restrictions. With the growing number of people losing their jobs and ability to earn income, we are seeing an increase of EUO assignments since some people try to dispose of liabilities and/or turn to fraudulent insurance claims as a way to get money. 
How Do You Continue To Conduct EUOs?
EASY! Since 2009 one of our EUO services has been the "Virtual EUO", a process we have perfected during the last decade. Our process is identical to traditional EUOs, the only difference is the EUO is conducted virtually using our Telawport™ technology.  For more details on our Virtual EUO system, click here!
How Does The Virtual EUO Work? 
SIMPLE!  Like a traditional EUO we take care of everything for an "All-Inclusive" flat fee, anywhere in world.  You simply send us a new EUO assignment via email, we'll coordinate a Pre-EUO planning call with you, after the call we will contact and coordinate with the insured, court reporter (and interpreter if needed), then the EUO will be conducted virtually, video recorded and we will send you a report and video. Lastly, we will coordinate a post-EUO call for us to regroup and discuss findings. 
How Do You Conduct The Virtual EUO?
TELAWPORT™! Our Telawport™ technology empowers us with the ability to easily invite others and start the EUO in minutes... our EUO examiner and the witness can instantly be face to face (without any tech hassles or frustrations) just as if both walked into a room.  
Can I Attend Virtually?
YES! With just a few mouse clicks you can attend virtually. No matter where you are, using your computer, iPad or cell phone, you can watch and listen as the examiner asks questions and the witness answers, so you can assess answers and gauge credibility of the witness.
Can I Collaborate During The EUO?
YES! Ask questions and give your input to the EUO Examiner ... as the statement is being conducted you can address all questions and concerns, and clarify discrepancies. ​
Can Other Team Members Attend Too?
YES!   We can easily invite colleagues, managers, experts, attorneys or others you want to attend.  Everyone can simply listen and watch and or actively give their input and questions to the EUO Examiner, without interruptions and knowledge by the witness.
Are The EUOs Video Recorded As Usual?
YES! We continue to video record every statement and will provide a copy of video.  You'll have all the answers and witness testimony on video so you can share videos with others, together assess witness credibility, review information provided to determine next steps and save lots of money by not having to order every transcript.
What About Documents And Exhibits?
NO WORRIES! Telawport™ allows us to easily share documents with the witness to ask questions or mark as exhibits used during your statement.  
What Do I Need To Do To Assign An EUO?
EMAIL US!  Simply email us to let us know you have a file you  are interested in conducting an EUO.  We will contact you immediately and guide you with the information needed. 
Are You Still Doing Free File Reviews?
YES! As always, we will review a file at no cost. This means if you have a claim in which you are wondering if an EUO is warranted or worthwhile, simply send us an email and let us know.  We will be happy to review the file and get on a call to discuss whether an EUO will benefit you.