Don't Miss Out On Critical Information.
Whether Sworn, Audio, Video, Phone Or In-Person We Will Secure A Comprehensive Statement (Even Those Elusive Witnesses You Did Not Think Possible). 
We do it all for a Flat Fee anywhere in the world.

Using our systematic way to conduct comprehensive statements, we've achieved a 98% cooperation and success rate during the last decade.
Statements Are Our Specialty.
Don't settle for statements taken by those who conduct them part-time.

We will comprehensively conduct them for you in no time so you can have the information you need to further your investigation.
Statements Under Oath
Lock in testimony of key witnesses.
SUOs are often under used because many claims professionals think the witness won't cooperate. We have news for you... 
Audio Recorded 
Why settle for 15 minute statement?
When properly and comprehensively conducted an audio recorded statement will save you time and money.
Virtual Video
When no other statement will do.
When budget restrictions or witness representation does not afford other types, virtual video is the option.
Statements Under Oath
The Witness Will Cooperate 98% Of The Time.
During the last decade we have heard time and time again... "the witness will never do it under oath".

Yet, we've had a 98% success rate in getting non-insured witnesses to agree to a statement under oath.

How do we do it? Well...that's one of our trade secrets. 

But we can tell you that it is done in such a professional manner that witnesses agree to not only show up, but actually answer all questions and sit as long as it is necessary.

We know it's hard to believe!  But rather than trying to convince you, why don't you witness it for yourself. 
Want to lock in the testimony of a key witness?
We'll not only conduct the SUO, it will be video recorded and you will be able to attend virtually.
Audio Recorded Statements
Get all the detailed and specific facts needed.
Contrary to popular belief "poor statements" are not always the fault of the statement taker.  

Often, those conducting statements are limited in time and have a million other things going on, making conducting the "statement" only a small part of their job.

The best intentions cannot overcome the fact that in order to get all the detailed and specific facts you need, the statement needs to be comprehensive and that requires time, focus and expertise.

Our statement system ensures all recorded statements are conveniently coordinated, comprehensively conducted by our in-house professional statement specialists and always completed for a cost-effective flat fee.
You want a comprehensive statement conducted?
Simply contact us and we will take care of everything for you. You'll get a comprehensive statement, a brief summary of answers to key issues, the audio recording and transcription.  

We do them all for a flat fee no matter where the witness is located in the world. We also offer discounted rates for multiple witnesses and based on monthly volume.
Virtual Video Statements
When budget restrictions or witness representation does not afford other types, virtual video is the option.
What is a virtual video statement?

During the last ten years we've witnessed several scenarios where finding out what a witness has to say is critical, but the need to have it recorded is discretionary or not permitted.

Often a witness or claimant is represented by counsel and he/she will allow us to take the statement but does not permit it being recorded in any format.

Other times the information possessed by a witness may (or may not) be critical or sensitive, so memorializing it is not the best option.

Nevertheless, hearing what a witness has to say and, even more important, watching their demeanor as they answer questions, is necessary.
To address these challenges we created the "Virtual Video" statement, where we are able to conduct and you are able to watch from anywhere in the world. The necessary information is obtained, the witness credibility is determined and the decision on how to proceed is concretely made. 
Want to see how the Virtual Video statement works? 
We will be happy to schedule a time for a live demonstration so you can witness the power of the Virtual Video Statement.