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EUO Training? Insured Cooperation? Statement Conducting? 

No matter your needs, we have a training just for you!
Training Tailored To Fit Your Needs
All of our programs are developed to train you on the latest practical insights and strategies that work today. 
Examination Under Oath
Do you have the right EUO training?
Whether you conduct EUOs in-house or outsource your examinations under oath, we'll provide EUO training.
Recorded Statements
Part of the "Poor Statement Epidemic"?  
If you or your company feel you're part of the epidemic, you're not alone. But good news awaits you...
Claims Consulting
Need a second set of "qualified" eyes?
Often problems and increased exposure can be avoided if you have a second set of eyes optimizing your process and procedures.
Examinations Under Oath Training
Are you putting yourself at risk by not having the proper EUO training?
Whether you are an insurance company who conducts EUOs in-house or one who outsources your examinations under oath, you must ensure your EUOs are handled properly or risk not getting the full benefits and protections of the EUO, risk unnecessary litigation and/or end up facing bad faith allegations and exposure.

Our EUO training programs will empower your adjusters or SIU to have the knowledge needed to effectively prepare and comprehensively conduct the examination under oath, so you can avail your company of all the benefits and protections.

Likewise, your adjusters and SIU can protect the integrity of the claim and exposure to your company by knowing the proper process, professional conduct and practical strategies outside vendors should employ when given an EUO assignment.
Want to learn how to achieve total protection from the EUO?
We do not provide cookie-cutter training.  All of our EUO training is designed to achieve the end result desired by your company.  
Recorded Statements
Whether in-person or by phone, these statements are critical.
Are you part of the "Poor Statement Epidemic"?  

During the last 20 years, we've had the privilege to personally conduct and review tens of thousands of statements.

In doing so, we've identified a constant denominator -- poor statements are not the exception, but are actually the norm.

Poor statements lead to increased cost, time & exposure.

If you or your company feel you're part of the epidemic, you're not alone.

The good news is you can easily turn your statement takers into "Statement Superstars". 
You want to be or have your team members be a Statement Superstar?
We've developed a systematic way to conduct statements that will always yield the results you want.

The training is designed to easily walk you step-by-step, empowering you with the latest strategies and you'll have access to bite-size videos you can review until you become a Statement Superstar.  
Claims Consulting
Do you need a second set of eyes?
What if you could get some fresh perspective on what's working today?

Often problems and increased exposure can be avoided if you have a second set of qualified eyes seeing if your process and procedures are optimized.

It's not easy when you are busy running the day-to-day to get out of the weeds and get some clear perspective.

During the last 20 years, Danny has had the privilege to work with thousands of claims professionals and countless companies, in a numerous capacities from insurance defense, coverage and SIU counsel or as the behind the scenes claims consultant. 
National EUO CEO
Since launching NEUO in 2009, he's had the unique position to be in the trenches in all types of claims, work hand-in-hand to get the necessary information and documentation and fight fraud, and has sat knee-to-knee with all levels of claims professionals from front line adjuster to CEOs to address their greatest concerns and bring about results through analyzing their processes and procedures. 

No matter your company's or claim's challenge, Danny will be your second set of eyes.